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Custom Military Rings - Army - Air Force - Navy - Marines - Coast Guard

Custom Military Rings created with two designs from over 100's of options that capture the essence of your honored military career and tradition. These rings are worn by men and women from all branches, units and divisions of the armed forces. They reveal the many elements that come together to make up heroes and warriors. You may also choose to customize your ring by adding your name, motto or date of service on the ring sides. Balfour's precision tooling creates highly detailed designs and one-of-a-kind personalization that allows you to tell the proud story of your military career.

Replace the text and side images on the sample with your own selection.
(Step 1) Scroll up or down the page to view the various designs for the side of your ring and then select it from the dropdown menu
(Step 2) Choose the stone colour, the type of cut you want and the image you might like inside the stone (Laser Vue Only)
(Step 3) Enter and select the details by using the drop down boxes to create the perfect ring for you.

Customizing Text On The Sides of Ring
You can have up to two lines on the sides of your ring: Each line can only be 9 characters including spaces. A very popular choice for a side text is The family name on the 1st line, and the dates of service or deployment on the 2nd side. Example: Kelly / 2003-2004 or OIF 04-07


Balfour Military Pride Rings -  To Honor the Military Heroes of our Nation !
Navy custom military rings available in Gold and Silver and can be fully customized to reflect your service. Navy rings are a great way to showcase  and record a loved one’s history within this seafaring branch of the United States Armed Forces. There are many styles to choose from, each with its own unique and distinctive character. From a ring similar in style to a popular class ring to ones with the Navel crest or coat of arms, these  rings symbolize the elements of the service that are most important to the service members that are active and also retired.

Some The Most Popular Images Available for Custom Navy Rings
Chung Hoon Ship, Aviation Support Equipment, Aviation Elec. Tech, Avaition Structural Mech, Command Master Chief, Culinary Specialist, Equip. Operations, Gas Turbine Syatems, Gunners Mate, Missile Destroyer, USS Eisenhower, USS Enterprise, USS JFK, USS Trueman, USS Constallation, USS Stennis, USS Carl Vinson, Vietnam, Viking Aircraft, Warrant Officer 6R2199, Wardog - R134, Warrior Conquerer, Washington Manr, Wolf Pack, Wolverine, Yeoman, Warfare, Store Keeper, Splist Warfare Combat Crew, Sonar Tech, Photo Mate, Mineman, Journalist, Master Aviator, Liberation of Kuwait, Air Warfare Enlisted, Aircrew Enlisted, Blue Angels, Chief Petty Officer, Dept. of Navy Seal, Explosive Ord Disposal, F-14, F-18,
Fleet Marine, Master Chief Petty Officer, Naval Air Crew, Naval Aviator Officer, Naval Flight Officer, Submarine Warfare Officer, Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Officer Insignia, Seabee Combat Warfare Enl., Seabee Combat Warfare Off, Navy Seabees, Navy Special Operatives, Navy Special Warfare, Sr Chief Petty Officer, Submarine Warfare Enlisted, Surface Warfare Enlisted, Surface Warfare Officer, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, American Flag, Puerto Rican Flag,

Custom Air Force Rings
Air Force custom military rings available with many images that will allow you to create a perfect ring.These rings are the perfect and unique way to completely recognize and commemorate the sacrifices that our brave airmen gives every single day. We have a raft of images and styles that you can choose from to design and personalize your United States Aif Force Ring. The rings can be worn on formal occasions and parade days with great dignity and pride. It's is probably one of the stylish symbols of one's service and is instantly recognized worldwide.

Most Popular Images for the Shank of Your Custom Air Force Rings;
Air Crew Wings Enl, Air Crew Wings Officer, Air Ed.&Training Command, Air Mobility Command, Air National Guard, Air Traffic Control, Civil Engineering, Combat Arms Training, Combat Control, Communications. Defensor Fortis, Dental, Explosive Ord Disp, F-15, F-16, Fire Protection, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Maintainence, Master Sergeant, Medical Corps, Meteorologist, Military Train. Lackland, Missile, Navigator Wings, Operations Support, Para Rescue, Pilots Wings, POW-MIA, Recruiting Serv-AF,  Recruiting Serv-USAF, Res Recruiting Svce, Reserve Command, Security Police, Services, Space Missile, Special Ops. Comand, Strategic Air Comand, Supply Fuels, Transportation,Weapons Control, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility, Air National Guard, Res. Command Recruit, Reserve Command, American Flag, Aviat.Anti-Sub Warfare, Aviation Machinist Mte, Aviation Maint. Admin, Aviation Ordnance Man, Aviation Store Keeper, Aviation Warfare Systems, Dominican Flag, Indian Chief, Medical Corps,
Op. Desert Storm, Op. End Freedom, Op. Iraqi Freedom, Patriot, Puerto Rican Flag,

Custom Military Rings for Active or Retired Service Members.
Army Rings with hundreds of images that you can combine to create a masterpiece in custom military rings. Army rings completly designed to honor the dedication and service of our brave and heroic servicemen and women. The military history of a service members career can be showcased on this splendid piece of jewelry by engraving text on both shanks of the ring, just above the images which you can select from the drop down menu in the military design shop. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, integrity, honor and courage are embodied in this master piece of jewelry that is currently worn by men and women whether active, retired or deployed. The perfect solution to commemorate and honor a noble career.


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